Rebecca Johnson

M.S., M.A., PhD.

Before falling in love with Salem, I was a college educator in the sciences and humanities for over 10 years.

I studied biology, theology, and American studies. That seems like an odd combination, right?

All three fields helped me explore how people relate to themselves, each other, and their environment. Through the stories of Salem’s history, that’s what I’d like to invite people to explore.

How did I end up as a tour guide in Salem? Besides reading tons of books and talking to students about them, what I most loved about teaching was inviting others to explore new ideas, have great conversations, and relate them to their own experiences in a safe and supportive environment.

History is only relevant when it’s relatable, and whether you read or listen to the content on this site or come for a tour with me, I hope you find stories that are meaningful to you.



Headshot by Dana J. Quigley Photography; styling by LASS