Safety and Access


MeetSalem‘s route is planned to limit uneven ground, following sidewalks and crosswalks more friendly to everyone, including those with walkers, wheelchairs, and scooters. Public benches are located at every stop on the tour. The final stop on the tour has access to a mobility-accessible restroom.

PopSalem‘s route has some narrower sidewalks and some more uneven ground than MeetSalem. Public benches are located at some of the stops on this tour. Guests will have access to one mobility-accessible restroom during the tour.

Private Group tours will also be located downtown, but modifications to regular routes can be made based on interest or individual needs. If you are traveling with a group (5-10) and would like to be the only guests on your tour, please contact us with your request so that we can discuss options and availability.

ReadSalem‘s route changes with each book, focusing on stops that most relate to a book’s specific content. Access to a restroom is available following the 60-minute tour, during the book group. This tour is not mobility-friendly, as it requires a few stairs to enter the front door and a climb up one flight of stairs to the second floor reading room. Our goal is to make this tour/book group mobility-friendly in future. Stay tuned!

Meeting Place & Parking

MeetSalem and PopSalem tours will begin near the Salem Common War Memorial (image, right), near the corner of South Washington Square and Hawthorne Blvd. If you want to drop off the rest of your party before you park, we recommend doing so near this intersection.

Nearby there is a Parking Garage (shaded with green lines on map) or the Church Street parking lot (shaded with purple lines on map) a short distance from the Common. See parking map here.

ReadSalem‘s starting point for Winter 2021 is the Witch Trials Memorial in Salem, just off of Charter Street, near Liberty Street.


Your guide will be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and will follow all federal, state, and local guidelines regarding the virus.

COVID updates from the city of Salem can be found on Destination Salem.

Free, walk-in rapid COVID tests are available in downtown Salem. Please visit this site for more information.